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Home Music Teacher and Tutor Wollongong

Expect the best when you ask for a home music teacher and tutor in Wollongong at Dior Music.

Here, I foster even the most unlikely students into real musicians with real talent.

Our home music teacher and tutor program in Wollongong boasts an impressive track record of customer satisfaction. Not convinced? Check out what our students have said about us in the past.

Our music teachers operate in a wide variety of serviced locations, including:

If there’s demand, we’ll teach it. Choose from an impressive knowledge base of Saxophone, keyboard, piano, guitar, clarinet and ukulele lessons when you embark on a journey with Dior Music.

Striving to make learning fun is at the heart of our business ethos. With the right attitude and flair for a little creativity and work every week, you can play alongside the best in no time. With a flexible home based service, our prices are reasonable and upfront, and you’ll never be disappointed with your musical progress!

Other Services

We also offer music theory, recording classes, song writing and transcribing, music hire for parties and more. Just ask me when you call in today.

HSC Tutors

Do you have a child going through the rigours of the High School Certificate? Each course has a major work component, as well as a practical exam and assignments. Ensure your child is prepared with extra lessons across woodwind and other instruments, in groups or one on one to target the best learning approach.

Get in Touch

Invite yourself to a new way of thinking. Dior Music is here for you and your children, offering an experience in musical studies that is well respected and highly sought after. Contact us today.


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