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Piano Lessons Chatswood

There are a lot of musicians around, but only few of them can be called ‘’teachers’’. That’s what we are at Dior Music. We are professional teaches of music and though we truly believe that music is something that is played with the heart, the truth is that it can be taught. And we are good at what we do. As professional teachers, we are sure that your ward will be in a warm and welcoming environment where he will be able to enjoy the piano lessons in Chatswood that we tailor-make for him. No matter what a student’s skill set, we are sure that we can achieve a lot of success. So if you or your ward is looking for piano lessons in Chatswood that are enriching and worthwhile, give us a call.

Great music starts with playing an instrument

The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world and there is no sign of its popularity waning anytime soon. If you love how the piano sounds, then making music with it will be sweet. Whether you or your ward wants piano lessons in Chatswood, we can assure you that it will be a schedule that you are comfortable with. Our prices are affordable and we are even available for house calls. We have quite a few professional music teachers with us and they are passionate about their work and what they do. Playing your favourite instrument well is only the first step of playing music and we are sure that we can teach you to do just that.

Services offered

Apart from piano lessons in Chatswood, we are happy to say that our teachers can give lessons in drums, clarinet, the flute, the guitar and even the ukulele. We also tutor HSC students and are available as accompaniment for HSC exams too. We offer tutoring in clarinet, saxophone, piano and guitar for AMEB exams as well. As you can see, we offer a whole gamut of music lessons.

Why getting our piano lessons in Chatswood is a great idea?

  • We are qualified and professional teachers and each one of our team has substantial experience under his belt.
  • We teach a variety of musical instruments and provide many musical services too.
  • Not only are our prices affordable, but we are also flexible with scheduling as well.
  • We provide house calls within the NSW area.
  • No matter what a student’s skill set is, whether he is just starting to play the instrument or has been doing so for a number of years, you will find our teachers to provide him fun and challenging lessons.
  • You have the option to choose individual or group piano lessons in Chatswood.

If you are looking for excellent piano lessons in Chatswood, you will love us. Do get in touch with us at Dior Music by calling us at our phone number 0402 529 315. We would love to hear from you!

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