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Piano Lessons Mosman

Studies have consistently shown that no matter what, people learn better when they are having fun. That is why a fun teacher at school is always popular, both with the students and their guardians. It is also the reason why we at Dior Music always plan piano lessons in Mosman that are a lot of fun. We encourage students to have fun because we know that will help them learn better. We have experience in teaching and tutoring a variety of students, from those afflicted with ADHD to those who have trouble focusing. We are happy to say that we help each one of our students learn something new and enjoy the process in every piano lesson we provide. Come to us today and enjoy a new world of music.

Fun and learning: Hand in hand

Though we put a lot of importance on having fun piano lessons in Mosman, we also focus on making sure that our students learn. So no matter which skill level a student is at, we are sure to be able to make him better. For instance, you may just have bought yourself a piano but don’t know where to start. We can help! Alternatively, you may already be playing the piano for years and want advanced lessons. We can help! We have several teachers who are skilled at playing the instrument and we are sure to be able to find one who is perfect for you. Need more good news? We provide house calls too!

What we teach

Apart from piano lessons in Mosman, our teachers will also teach students to play the guitar, the saxophone, the clarinet, the keyboard and the ukulele. Let us know which of these your favorite instrument is and we will be glad to find you an expert teacher for that.

Why our piano lessons in Mosman are totally worth it?

We don’t consider ourselves as just musicians. We are music teachers and all of us have substantial experience professionally teaching music. Apart from the fun piano lessons in Mosman that we are able to offer, we also provide HSC tutoring and work as accompaniment during HSC exams as well.

Our specialty lies in customizing the lessons we provide because we understand that each one of our students is unique and has something special to offer. The best way to bring out the true potential of a person is to first understand what skill level he is on and then go about customizing lessons that suit him and make him better. We do just that.

What’s more, our piano lessons are very reasonable priced and we are quite flexible with scheduling. We will fit around your day’s schedule no matter what. We assure that you will find us to be totally worth it!

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