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Welcome to Dior Music Leaders as Piano Teachers Sydney

Dior Music provides Piano Lessons Sydney, Guitar Lessons Sydney, Clarinet Lessons Sydney, Saxophone Lessons Sydney and a Music Instrumental lessons and other short individual or group courses like Music Theory,
Music Aural, Song Writing, Arranging, Transposing and Transcribing Skills.

Instrumental Music Lessons include Individual and Group lessons in Saxophone Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons or Keyboards, Clarinet Lessons and Ukelele. House calls are available anywhere in Sydney and The New South Wales Region. Online lessons are also available.

At Dior music ,we customise each lesson according to each individual needs and will deliver the best results for you

Instrumental Music Lessons include Individual and group lessons in

New services in 2022

  • HSC tutoring and accompaniment for HSC exams available.
  • Tutoring for AMEB exams in saxophone, guitar, piano and clarinet.
  • New genre of music – songs from Japanese animation and games.

Playing an instrument is an art and a skill. Some people have an inborn talent for playing a musical instrument while others have an ear for music. If you like playing the piano, and have an innate desire to excel at playing it, you will need a skilled and dedicated piano teacher in Sydney to help and guide you along the way.  We at Dior Music have a very simple philosophy- to provide the most engaging tuition in a very welcoming and warm environment.

We have some of the most gifted pianists in Sydney, on our team and every one of them is committed to ensuring that each student gets the best learning experience possible.  A piano teacher in Sydney is not just someone who will teach you the basics of music and playing the instrument- but one who will encourage you, recognize your strengths and your weaknesses and guide you about how to best overcome them.

Every Genre of Music

Regardless of the type of music you have an interest, in, we have the best teachers for you and you can learn the nuances of classical, contemporary and jazz styles or any other kind of music you like. We understand that if you want to develop and perfect your technique of playing the piano, you will need a very good teacher to guide you. Our private piano lessons will be based on what your current skill level is as well as what your long-term goals are.

The minute you come to us, you know that you have easy access to some of the leading music teachers in the industry. Before long, you will find yourself being encouraged, will understand better and learn faster. If you are looking for the best Piano teacher in Sydney, contact Dior Music on 0402 529 315 or via this online form.

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