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Clarinet Lessons Sydney

Commonly used in both jazz and classical music, the clarinet is a popular woodwind instrument.  From the earliest stages of learning through to becoming a highly skilled musician, the clarinet can be enjoyed at all skill levels.  If you have a desire to improve your skills, you’ll want access to challenging and rewarding clarinet lessons in Sydney.  For a personalised experience, which will guarantee the best results, Dior Music is the place to come.  We give you access to the leading music teachers for private or group lessons in a wide range of instruments and techniques.  Let the Dior Music team deliver superior results as you seek clarinet lessons in Sydney.

Challenging, Fun, and Rewarding Clarinet Lessons in Sydney

Now that you’ve found Dior Music, your quest for the best music lessons in Sydney is over.  We deliver superior results in customised learning situations that give you the ability to access lessons, which are tailor-made for your skill level.  Dior Music gives students access to musical styles including pop, soul, punk, blues, heavy metal, R&B, smooth jazz, rock, and more.  When it comes to clarinet lessons, Sydney students rely on Dior Music.  We offer lessons including:

  • Individual or group lessons
  • Short courses in music theory, ear training, improvisation, and more
  • Business packages for groups of employees from organisations
  • And more

Clarinet Lessons in Sydney and More

At Dior Music, you’ll tap into unparalleled expertise in the realm of musicianship.  Whether you are a highly trained musician or you’re a beginner, Dior can deliver customised lessons suitable for your skill level.  We offer a wide range of lessons for instruments including guitar, saxophone, piano, ukulele, keyboards, piano, and more.

Blowing technique

The key to learning how to play the clarinet is to understand and practice blowing. Almost all wind instruments including the clarinet require that you blow unnaturally. While natural breathing is through the nose, playing the clarinet requires breathing through the mouth. But unlike filling your lungs slowly like in natural breathing and then slowly releasing it, playing a wind instrument requires means that you have little time to breathe in but your lungs still have to be filled completely. Plus the blowing needs to be consistent, at varying strengths for an extended period of time. All of this requires a great deal of practice especially for a beginner to wind instruments. Fortunately, our clarinet lessons in Sydney are designed to teach beginners the basics with a number of power tips that they can use to enhance their ability to play the instrument.

Advanced techniques

There are many musicians who reach intermediate level with practice but going beyond that and becoming an advanced player requires instruction. Instruction which is similar to when a beginner to an instrument starts. Advanced techniques such as Doubletounge, hard and soft attack etc. are just some of the techniques that require mastering. Fortunately, our clarinet lessons in Sydney can be custom tailored to the techniques that you need the most help with making it easier to master a specific technique.

Decades of training aspiring professionals

We have been training aspiring professional clarinet players for a very long time. Many of our students have gone on to become professionals. Our teachers are people who have years of experience teaching young kids and adults alike. Regardless, of age it’s never too late to unleash your flair for music. Our custom tailored tutoring lessons ensure that you learn at your own pace but under the supervision of an experienced professional teacher.

Passionate about teaching the clarinet

The clarinet while often recognized as being challenging for people who are new to wind instruments is nevertheless one of the best ones you can learn. It’s not uncommon for someone who is just starting out to master the basics and soon become advanced players. All that’s needed is a good teacher, lots of support and practice. The good news is that this is one of the most rewarding musical instruments whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional player.

To find out more about our clarinet lessons in Sydney call 0402 529 315 or fill out our online form.

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