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Guitar Lessons Sydney

The guitar is a fun and challenging instrument enjoyed worldwide. Considered an integral element of the evolution of rock music, guitars can be played by musicians at any skill level.  The ability to play acoustic, electric, and classical guitars, gives musicians the ability to showcase their talents in a range of styles.   Whether you want to pick up the skill as a beginner or you’re a highly skilled guitarist, you can find tailor-made guitar lessons in Sydney at Dior Music.  With instant access to a highly trained team of music teachers, Dior is the place to come for customised lessons, suitable to any level of play.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons in Sydney

At Dior Music, you’ll find a wide range of opportunities to improve your existing musical skills.  Both acoustic and electric guitars are challenging and versatile, making it possible to use the instrument in a wide range of styles.  Dior Music offers lessons in styles including jazz, rock, heavy metal, classical, blues, R&B, and others.  When you’re in search of guitar lessons in Sydney, Dior offers individual / group lessons, short courses, and business packages.  For custom lessons in a wide range of instruments, Dior Music is the place to come.

Guitar Lessons in Sydney and More

Whether you have an interest in learning the guitar or other instruments, Dior Music can help.  We offer access to lessons in instruments including saxophone, clarinet, keyboards, piano, ukulele, music theory, and more.  Dior is standing by to assist with music lessons at any skill level.

The key to learning the guitar

When you start learning how to play the guitar there are three fundamental lessons that we start with. In our experience this is the best place to start and allows for a beginner to play real music while still learning and improving on their skill. The three fundamentals include tuning, chords, strumming & picking. Our guitar lessons in Sydney cover all of these fundamental skills.

Strumming & Picking

There are some musicians who start by picking while others choose strumming. Some professional guitar players even combine both methods in order to play a range of music types and improve their skills. Strumming is often considered a bit complex because it involves moving the thumb over multiple guitar strings very gently so as to vibrate them, creating a sound. The technique used needs to be just right and there is a lot of feel involved. Plucking on the other hand is when every string is plucked. Some good guitar players will often combined both methods at the same time. But first its important to learn how to do both individually after which combining the two can be taught.

Teaching the right turning techniques

Our guitar lessons in Sydney also teach students the fundamentals of tuning their guitar to produce the right sound. So, if you are playing a solo piece, the guitar will have to be turned perfectly but if you’re playing with a band or with other musicians you will need to make sure that the guitar is at the right tune with all the other instruments.

Teaching chords

Another key to becoming a good guitar player and musician in general is to learn the chords so that the right tones can be produced to match those of other musicians or if you are learning then to learn how to play the right music. This is better than just playing varying scales endlessly. As a matter of fact many students learn faster when they have a practical application of what they learn. Our guitar lessons in Sydney focus on playing real music that keeps students engaged and interested in the lessons as well as the whole learning process.

To learn more about our guitar lessons in Sydney and our custom lesson plans feel free to call 0402 529 315. Alternatively you can also get in touch by filling out our online form.

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