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Piano Lessons Neutral Bay

When it comes to teaching music, you will often find only a handful of musicians up for the challenges of the job! We don’t know why this is but at Dior Music, we can help you find piano lessons in Neutral Bay that are satisfying, fun and an overall enriching experience.

Our teachers are qualified to teach professionally and they have experience in teaching students of different age groups and skill levels. So no matter what age you are or whether or not you have ever played the piano, we are sure to be able to offer you challenging and fun piano lessons.

We are passionate about music

At Dior Music, we are a group of professionals who are passionate about music. Our passion shows in no matter what we do. We are great at customising piano lessons in Neutral Bay depending on what the particular student needs to be better with and we never compromise on the quality of the process. Every step of the way, it is our endeavour to develop a love for the instrument within the student so she can be better at it. It does not matter whether you have never played piano before. There is no reason to be shy! We offer a warm and welcoming environment where you can hone your skills in a safe manner.

A wide variety of music lessons on offer

We offer lessons in the following instruments.

  • Piano
  • Clarinet
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Flute
  • Keyboard
  • Saxophone

Apart from this, we also offer HSC tutoring. We can also make available a teacher to act as accompaniment during HSC exams. Let us know what your musical needs are and we will be glad to help you.

Trusted musicians in Sydney and NSW area

That’s right. With us, you get a group of teachers who are trusted in the area. When you come to us for piano lessons in Neutral Bay, we are happy to offer you lessons that are enriching, challenging and fun. We make house calls so that our students can learn without bothering to come up to our studio. In the beginning, we understand exactly what skill-level a student is on and then we start drawing up lesson plans that will encourage him to be better. If you love the instrument, then you need someone dedicated to help you realise your potential with it. Music can help you get through the days when nothing feels right and that is the reason why we suggest you never to learn your stuff from someone who is not a good ‘’teacher’’. We are. Book us for flexible piano lessons in Neutral Bay and experience a world of difference.

If you want to enjoy piano lessons in Neutral Bay like you never have, come to us at Dior Music. You can call us at 0402 529 315 or use the contact form available on our website to do so.

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